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Mullein Leaf is a medicinal plant that can be eaten, brewed into a tea, smoked (use rolling paper), and burned and inhaled to help open up your airways. It is commonly used in the treatment of chest pains caused by asthma, tuberculosis, and bronchitis. Mullein stimulates the expulsion of phlegm and reduces the formation of mucus. As an expectorant, it allows individuals with emphysema to breath better and relieves coughing and wheezing.


I use mullein leaf for my son who is asthmatic. Anytime he experiences difficulty breathing, I put about a 1/4c into a paper bag and have him inhale and exhale through the mouth while focusing on his breath. While he’s doing that, I brew a little on the stove adding lime zest and sometimes honey. Before the tea is done, his airways are clear and he’s ready to play again. Works like a charm every time. 


Mullein Leaf (Loose leaf)

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  • Stovetop (Recommended) : Bring 6oz of water and tea to a gentle boil. Then cover and simmer on low for 15-20 minutes.

    Liught Brew: Using a strainer, add tea to a cup, add boiling water and ler steep for 10 minutes with the cup covered.

    Heavy Brew: Follow stovetop instructions, remove from heat, cover and let it stand overnight. Reheat in the morning and enjoy!

    Optional: Add local honey, lemon or lime.

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