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Black cocoa helps to regulate energy use and metabolism while also increasing feelings of fullness. It also regulates cholesterol levels, Cures Diabetes, Treats Bronchial Asthma, Healing Power, Reduces Obesity, and Promotes Cardiovascular Health


Cranberry Prevents UTIs, Boosts Brain Power, Prevents Cancer, Helps with Weight Loss, Combats Tooth Decay, Nourishes Skin, Boosts Immunity, Heart Healthy


Spiritual Benefits Black Cocoa: Creativity, energy,  Clarifies Your Mentality, Peace, Heightens Meditation, opens heart.


Spiritual Benefits Cranberry: love, energy, and abundance.



Our Cranberry Hot Chocolate powder only consists of the black cocoa powder and cranberry powder. All ingredients are natural and free of chemicals, toxins and pesticides. The rich and creamy flavors of the hot chocolate and the tartness of cranberry combined bring a balance between tastiness and health! Try some in a 2oz or 7oz and I'll send you a list of additional ingredients I use PLUS my recipe for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!!


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